Is cloud computing a trap?

Posted: October 28, 2008 in Technology

According to The Guardian, yesterday Richard Stallman stated “It’s stupidity. It’s worse than stupidity: it’s a marketing hype campaign.” Cloud Computing: IT power that is delivered over the internet and not from the hard disk of your computer. For example Google allows you save your documents, pictures etc. with them, so that you can access your files from everywhere in the world where internet is available.

Pros: These services over the internet make file accessibility a very important tool for this time of global business. For example, if you are in Japan and somehow your lap top is not working and your only copy is sitting somewhere in the net, you will be able to access your information and save the day. However, if one copy is in your home computer in California and the second copy is sitting on your assistant’s computer and he/she is sleeping, what would you do?

Cons: It’s true that these tools can be accesses by “them” the servers (Google, Amazon) and they can use this information to develop marketing campaigns. In addition, these tools are free now, but that doesn’t mean that they will remain free. Perhaps is a business strategy??

For more information visit: The Guardian


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