MySpace Music: A New Free Service to Listen

Posted: October 28, 2008 in Technology

According to a Latino on-line radio ( MySpace launched
a new free music service this Thursday.
This service will allow users to
listen to the music, but not to download the music.  MySpace users will
be able to create their own lists up to a hundred songs and place them in
their profile.

What does this mean?

The power of the masses and distribution: MySpace has users all over the
world; this service can increase or decrease the popularity of certain
songs or music albums.

Competition: In the effort of MySpace to provide better services for its
users, MySpace is also challenging Facebook.  Would Facebook come up with
something similar soon in order to be competitive?

Technology Reflection: This service will not be available everywhere, there will be
countries like
Chile in which this service will not be available for its
users to use (however, they will be able to listen to the music by enter
to other users’ profiles).  This shows that technology and services still
have its limits…


Visit MySpace Music

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