The Power of the Youth and Mobil Technology in Mexico

Posted: December 15, 2008 in Flip the Media

Yesterday in one of the most viewed programs in Mexico, “El Show de los Reyes” (means: the kings’ show, a combine version of “Dance with the Stars” and “Sing with the Stars”) a winner was crowned. Among the competitors there were amazing Mexican signers, however the winner was young boy who is very popular among the Mexican youth especially the girls. He won due to the amount of calls he received. Among some of the Mexican chats and YouTube, many of his fans confessed to have sent cellphone text messagers and sent messages to their freinds to encourage them to send text massages in favor of this young singer. The power of the Mexican youth and cellphone text message was showed yesterday at the end of the show. Mobil technology in Mexico is not only very powerful among the youth, but is also the first connection the youth have to internet, they shared videos (including YouTube videos), jokes, pictures and use it to orginize and mobilize eachother even if it’s only to make a show king!


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