Financial Crisis/Crisis Financiera

Posted: January 28, 2009 in Latinos
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Today, Boeing announced that they will lay off ten thousand employees.  Last week Microsoft announced that they will lay off five thousand employees. And the list will continue growing, but what does the mean for the Latino community?  Are we going to get affected?

Yes, many may think that there are not Latinos working for companies as important like Microsoft or Boeing.  Many think that we only work on the cleaning, construction or restaurant industry.  Today there are more and more Latinos with PhD’s, Master and Bachelor degrees. Latinos that are key positions in large corporations. And what about those Latinos in the areas of cleaning, construction and other industries? Yes they will suffer probably the most, because many of them can’t claim unemployment benefits, either because they are undocumented or they had their own small business like a cleaning service.

This financial crisis is affecting not only Latinos living in the United States, but also those who live in Latin America.  Many there keep thinking that if somehow they can come this country, they will have better opportunities, but this is not true at all not now.  No body really knows how long this crisis will last, the American dream seems to be going away not only for Latinos, but for many others who live in this country.

One good think about us Latinos, is that we have been in these kind of situations before, so we know how to handle it better.  We know about financial sacrifices, we know about hunger and fear, but we have survive it. And we will survive this financial crisis. Perhaps we can help others by teaching them how to survive.  Americans are use to prosperity and consuming, however now they’re facing something new to them. They will be the ones who will suffer the most. they will learn to make sacrifices and perhaps they will stop consuming so much and learn how to fix thing instead of throwing them away, just like the old days.

Today Latinos have to be more unided than ever, this crisis will not make us kneel.  It will make us stronger and wiser.  Yes, we need to be worried, but the capacity that we have for survival will help us overcome this crisis.


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