The Hidden/Forgotten News of Republicans

Posted: January 15, 2010 in Politics/Politica
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It is well known that media has the power to influence people on their daily decisions, by creating “their” own reality according to their agenda and this is especially true during elections. It  is well known that the urban areas of the State of Washington, especially Seattle are Democrats.  However, most people in Seattle have no idea about who the candidates are or what they represent . They only ask about whether the candidate is a Democrat or a Republican and if you said Republican, they don’t ask anything else, some even say that they will never vote for a Republican candidate. Why is that?

This reaction is usually based on stereotypes or comments they hear from co-workers, friends or family members who most of the time based their comments on what they read, see or hear from the media.  Therefore, if the media is not providing all the information or provides only “certain” information (based on their agendas) stereotypes can be implanted on us “the people”.   And this is when true democracy is broken, especial when only one party predominates in the news.

In the effort of keeping people well informed for the coming elections in  November, some stereotypes need to be broken, especially the ideas that Republicans are racists and discriminate the gay community.

Fact: The fight to end slavery was started by Republicans.

Fact: The greatest civil rights activists to date is the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, who was a Republican.

Fact: The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) that benefited over 2.6 million of immigrants in 1983,  was signed by President Ronald Reagan (R) and presented by one representative (D) and one Senator (R) Alan K. Simpson from Wyoming who happens to be an outspoken advocate for access to abortion, gay and lesbian rights and equality for all persons regardless of race, color, creed, gender, or sexual orientation.

Conservatives are strong advocates of the Constitution of the United States, they take all the amendments very seriously and when bills that go against the Constitution are presented, they are the first ones to stand up and defend the Constitution.  However, when bills or laws that go against the Constitution pass, usually with the support of the Democrats, no one says anything, especially the media and we “the people” are okay with this?

What would Latinos do if their leaders in their original countries go against their Constitution or try to change it? Would media report about this immediately? Yes, it will be all over the Spanish news in the United States, but when this happens here, do we hear about it? No, Do we think this is okay? No, but why? Maybe is the lack of knowledge of the Constitution of the United States ?

The Latino/Hispanic vote has become very important and therefore this vote needs to be based on all the information available and not on the agenda of the media or on stereotype information.

It is important to learn more about the Constitution of the United States, learn more about the candidates, have in mind that you must vote for a candidate that will represent your voice NOT the party. When you vote based on stereotypes, you don’t vote for a candidate, you vote for a Party, (either Republican or Democrat). You have to remember that we “the people” must have the power and not the Parties, otherwise your voice is lost.


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