As you may know there is a Hispanic PR and Social Media Conference coming up in Dallas on May 11. This made me think about whether Hispanics living in the United States use Social Media or not and if not, why would it be a Hispanic Social Media Conference?

For many years mainstream companies had ignored the Hispanic market, however as we become the fastest growing population in this country, they are looking at us and taking us more serious. However, even though there is not a doubt that Hispanics are a very strong market, there is a question about how much are we in the internet world using social media. This is due to the believe that we don’t use computers either because we cannot afford them or don’t know how to use them, right?

This perception is completely wrong, according to an article written by Lee Vann from Captura Group, Hispanics in the U.S. have reach critical mass in the area of using social media websites.

According to ComScore Media Metrics 45% of Hispanics online are using Face book. This number is translated to about 10.55 million, more than the entire population of Los Angeles.

In addition, according to a study, Hispanics are very social and when presented with a a platform that allows them to socially interact with others and have fun, they are most likely to use these type of venues. Another important aspect of the Hispanic community is that they have also reach critical mass in the usage of mobile/cell phone devises which makes it easier for them to access social media tools as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yelp, and blogs.

Is it possible that main stream media and companies are missing this very important population? Yes, however they have started noticing it. For example in 2007, Fisher’s communications acquired an affiliation with one of the largest Hispanic networks in the United States, Univision, to open the first Spanish speaking local TV station in Seattle. More recently TV Azteca America, another Hispanic network that operates in this country and Mexico, have also added Spanish programing in the Seattle Area. This is just a simple example to give you an idea of how important we are becoming in this corner of the country.

Should we invest more in the digital/social venue for this population? Definitely YES!


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