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Posted: August 11, 2010 in Negocios/Business, Social Media/Redes Sociales
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Seattle, WA by Rubi Romero, Esparza Plus/Hispaniclatinoinsight

The idea that Hispanics don’t participate in social media is dying as more and more statistics about the participation of this population in social media continues to rapidly grow.

According to an article byLee Vann, funder and CEO of Captura Group more marketers are engaging with Hispanics through social media.


According to comScore Media Metrics, Facebook is among the five most popular social network among Hispanics. Facebook reaches almost 10.55 million Hispanics per month (about 45% Hispanics on-line).

Out of this high percentage there are about 11,500 in Washington State, 7,080 in Oregon and almost 1,120 in Idaho. This means that the Hispanic Facebook population in the Northwest is19,700 and growing , however this number may be even larger since this number is based on the number of Facebook platforms created in the Spanish language (currently Facebook does not collect race/ethnicity data).

Also according to Clickz.com, 80% of Latinos/Hispanics use social media and this is not a surprise if we consider that Hispanics are extremely social.

How is this beneficial for business?

As the Hispanic population continues to grow it is becoming and important platform/referrer for Internet traffic, which means that many business can increase more traffic to their websites, but they have to give something in exchange. Just to say click here to find more information about my company/product will NOT do the trick. You need to be creative and provide an inviting environment first on Facebook and on your website.

Some examples of the Hispanic fan networks growing on Facebook are:

Telemundo (Hispanic television network) 138,000. This may be as a result of promoting their Facebook fan page through its TV programming.

Univision (Hispanic television network) 92,000. Univision just recently started to promote their Facebook fan page through its TV programming.

In the Northwest (as of July 5th 2010):

Univision Seattle has: 867 fans

Azteca America Seattle: 219

Univision Portland has: 650

As the Hispanic/Latino community continues to grow here in the Northwest and on Facebook, we will see more and more creation of Facebook fan pages, groups and advertising on the Spanish language. Next week we will bring you more about the other social media networks where Hispanics/Latinos are using to communicate on line.

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