The New Era of Hispanic Television and Advertising in the Northwest

Posted: August 11, 2010 in Marketing/Mercadotécnia
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Twenty years ago, the only cable available was Viacom Cable bought by Comcast, at that time it was the only way to access Spanish programing for a few hours during the day and only if you were lucky enough that it was available in your area. This was mostly available in the Seattle area, so watching television in Spanish was only possible if you had your own dish. Yes! Remember those huge satellite dishes that took almost half of your yard? Well, that was the only way to have access to some Spanish channels.

However, the fast growing Hispanic population in the Puget Sound and the innovation of smaller satellite dishes plus the acquisition of more Spanish channels by the local cable company made it possible for Hispanics living in the Northwest to have access to Spanish television networks like Univision and Telemundo. In addition, other networks created their Spanish version, like CNN en Español, HBO in Spanish, ESPN en Español, The History Channel en Español, Discovery Channel and Español and many more.  In 2007, Univision KUNS Seattle opened its doors to serve the Hispanic population in the Puget Sound, providing local news and reports.

These new era of Hispanic television has also brought another new era of advertising, more and more large and corporations are incorporating local campaigns in order to target this new market for them. Now you can see advertising in Spanish from companies like Target, State Farm, Ford to a local car dealership or  furniture store.  And incorporating this traditional media venue with other digital tools like Facebook and text messaging a revolutionary era of advertising in Spanish was born in the northwest.

Is this it? No, as soon as the new numbers of the census 2010 become available, we will see Spanish advertising all over the Northwest, from bill boards, local buses, bus stations, mail advertising and more!  Are you ready to try this new door of advertising that will increase your sales in the Northwest?



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