Twitter Experienced a 50% boost in Spanish-speaking Countries

Posted: August 11, 2010 in Marketing/Mercadotécnia, Social Media/Redes Sociales
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One of the fastest tools in social media are microblogs like Twitter, yes the little blue bird that taught the world how to “tweet”! According to Digital Wire, Twitter saw a 60% increase in accounts registered to this platform from outside the United States. How is this growth associated with the Spanish speaking countries and Latinos living in this country?

According to Twitter, 50% of this increase came from Spanish speaking countries after they released the Spanish option. However, even when Twitter was not available in Spanish, many countries like Argentina, Chile and Mexico were using this microblog to keep in touch with friends, marketing and media usage.

Currently Twitter is available in six languages including Italian, Japanese, French, German, English and Spanish.This 50% may be coming from all Spanish speaking countries, including Spain (in the European continent), but the number of new opened accounts in Twitter coming from Latin America Countries may be even greater if we consider that Brazil is the country with more number of Twitter users in Latin America.

Twitter said that it saw a 50% boost in sign ups from Spanish-speaking countries when it made available in Spanish back in November, and saw Spanish-language sign ups spike 1,200% in the wake of the Chilean earthquake back in February 2010.

What does this have to do with Latinos living in the United States? Twitter was a tool used to find out about their love ones in Chile after the earthquake and now with the world cup, Twitter is serving as a tool to keep in touch with family, friends and even stranger that share the same passion for soccer. Twitter even made a World Cup Twitter account to keep informed the world about what others are saying around the world about this events. This means that more and more Latinos living in the United States are using Twitter as one of their communication’s tool to keep in touch with other people.

Whether is for a natural disaster, a world wide event or just to share an opinion about a product or service, Latinos are finding in Twitter a live stream communications tool. This represent a great opportunity to open a two way communication door with Latinos as they like to communicate with others and comment about their experiences with products and services.

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