What does the census have to do with marketing and advertising?

Posted: August 11, 2010 in Marketing/Mercadotécnia
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As all of us know it is time for the 2010 census! But what does this have to do with marketing and advertising? Yesterday many households received the 2010 census form with ten simple questions. Some of these questions will provide a better insight number about how the population of this country. As we know, the Latino population has been the fasted growing population in the United States.

The 2010 census will show how much the Latino population has growth in this country and with this, many companies will realize that this small niche is not small anymore and this is where marketing and advertising comes to play. Especially here at the northwest, where in the last few years more Spanish radio and television stations have been born and with this another way of marketing and advertising will be born.

Many believe that it is enough to translate everything! Why not? But translating materials are not enough or the appropriate venue to reach this population. It is about culture, how Latinos perceive the message, how do you communicate your message to them, it is about color, taste, concept, and much more… Marketing and advertising for the Latino/Hispanic community needs to integrate language and culture. In other words, it needs to be culturally appropriate.

Thanks to the census changes in media content and the way that the Latino market is perceived will switch gears in the way that we do and get business…

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