Tips on How to Open Your Own Business/Como Abrir Tu Propio Negocio

Posted: June 10, 2011 in Negocios/Business
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About Business and Online Presence

More and more companies and people have begun to operate their business using the Internet as a tool. On the other hand the online business is the type of business in which you need to cultivate your customers. Having a website of your business is the first step, but this online business is like a plant. It need to be watered (need to be innovative), it needs care (create good relationship with your customers) and it needs light (good marketing). There are a lot of home business ideas and/or online business opportunities to make money online either as a part-time or full-time.

Information to Open a Business

However, as any off line business, the online business must have a business license. Take a look at these few websites they will help you to find anything you need to know to open your own business including how to obtain your business license.

Small Business Assistance:

Washington State Grants and Loans:

Department of licensing Master Business Application:

How to obtain a Tax ID Number for your Business:

Market Share and Advertising

After you have the legal and financial information you need to plan your online business, it is time to think what business? Then search your market to learn how many potential customers you have you can use the Census page to obtain demographic information by state, county and city.

Then learn about your competitors: go to Google and type key words about your business. If your business is a regular business (with presence online-website) then you can use Google Maps to search for business like the one you want to open in your area.

Now that you have all the information you need, it is time to build a website. You don’t need to spend a lot of money, you can use Google Sites, it is free and it offers hundreds of website templates that you can use to build your website. It offers some tutorials to help you build your website as well. Think about your business name for your website address. If you prefer someone to build it for you, but at a low cost (under $300) you can contact Vision Latina for more information.

Remember that now the Internet can be use as a marketing tool. You can use social media channels to advertise your business, but be careful, social media is not for advertising purposes; first you have to create a presence, don’t offer your business, offer ideas, solutions… Build a relationship with your potential customers first. People are not going to any website because you tell them to. People go to a website because there is something they need. Some tools are: Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Blogs etc.

  Now you have some basic information to start!

Sobre el Negocio y Presencia  En-línea

Más y más negocios y gente están empezando a operar sus negocios con la ayuda del Internet como una heramienta importante. Por otra parte si el negocio es solo en línea, debe crear una relación cercana con sus clientes. Tener una página web es el primer paso, pero como cualquier otro negocio es como una planta. Nesecita agua (ser creativ@), necesita cuidado (crear una buena relación con los clientes) y necesita luz (buen mercadeo). Hay muchas ideas para abrir su propio negocio en casa o en línea que puden convertirse en un trabajo de tiempo parcial o completo.

Información de Como Abrir Su Negocio

Sinembargo, como cualquier negocio, el negocio en línea debe contar con una licencia de negocios. Puede ir a cualquiera de estas páginas web. Ellas le ofreceran información, no solo de come obter una licencia, sino todo lo que necesita para abrir su negocio como: numero de impuesto (tax ID), asistencia para abrir su negocio y pretamos y becas disponibles en el estado de Washington.

Small Business Assistance:

Washington State Grants and Loans:

Department of licensing Master Business Application:

How to obtain a Tax ID Number for your Business:

Conociendo Su Mercado y Como Hacer Mercadeo

Después de obtener toda la información necesaria, tanto la legal como la de asistencia, necesita planificar su negocio, es tiempo de pensar de que será su negocio. Ahora debe hacer un estudio de mercadeo (quienes serán sus clientes), puede ir a la página del Censo para obtener la información demográfica que necesita ya sea por condado, ciudad o para todo el estado de Washington.

Ahora investigue quienes son sus competencia: vaya a Google y haga una busqueda con palabras sobre su negocio. Tambión si su negocio también tendrá una presencia física, puede ir a Google Maps para buscar los negocios en su área cómo el que piensa abrir.

For example if you are going to open a day care in West Seattle type Day Care in West Seattle and it will give you a list of all the day cares in West Seattle and a map.

Ahora que tiene toda la informaón necesaria, es tiempo de crear su página web. Usted no tiene que gastar cientos o miles de dólares, usted puede crear su propia página de internet usando Google Sites, es gratis y ofrece cientos de plantillas (templates) o sea páginas ya diseñadas solo para que usted ponga la información de su negocio. Google Sites también ofrece información que lo guiará en como hacer su página paso a paso. Sí usted prefiere mandarla hacer y solo cuenta con un presupuesto de #300 o menos, contacte a Vision Latina para más información.

Recuerde que la internet se puede usar como una herramienta de mercadeo. Puede usar las redes sociales para dar a conocer su negocio, per tenga mucho cuidado, las redes sociales no son para hacer solo publicidad, primero debe crear una presencia en estas redes sociales y no publicitar su negocio, ofrezca ideas, soluciones… Desarrolle una buena relación con sus clientes futuros. La gente no va a una página web solo por que se le diga, van porque necesitan algo. Algunas redes sociales: Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Blogs etc.

Ahora ya tiene la información necesaria para abrir su negocio!

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    Maintain your conferences limited by an hour in length. In the event the multi-level marketing meeting requires a long time, it can appear to be more complex and time-eating for the prospect.

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    While you ought to create a web site for network marketing, working with social networks can definitely get you going.An appealing and properly published blog, commonly updated blog is a great technique to put, after you have a web site and so are on social networking websites. Your network boosts with your on the web existence in a interpersonal placing.

    Everybody loves to get anything perfect for just a deal!Search for multi-level marketing organization that come with coupon codes to share with you with your clients. Folks are often more prone to get a desire for your products or services when they have a lower value.

    Just before making an investment any cash in a marketing enterprise make sure you analysis these with the BBB. There are many legit businesses around, but there are numerous not excellent versions also. You have to ensure that this investment remains safe and secure.

    The guidelines in the following paragraphs will help you to increase your rate of success. Ultimately, your primary goal is to bring in all the revenue as you can. Make sure you use every one of the information you have been provided in this article, and press yourself to be successful.

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