Public Service/Servicio al Público

Please help us locate Clara Anahí Mariani. Her grandmother is looking for her.

Por favor ayudenos a encontrar a Clar Anahí Mairani.  Su abuela la busca.

Dear granddaughter:
This is the translation of Clara’s grandmother’s letter:
I’m your grandmother “Chicha” Chorobik de Mariani, I’ve been looking for you since Etchecolatz Camps and his troops killed your mother and kidnapped you from your home at 1134 de la Plata, Republica Argentina. It was November24 1976 you were only three months old. Since that moment, me and your father (who was also killed) started looking for you.

Even though people tried to convince me that you died in the shooting, I knew you were alive. It has been proven now that you’re alive and that you’re with someone. You’re 31 years old now and your document number may be very close to 25.476.305 that is the number that we registered you. I would like to ask you to look for pictures when you were a baby and compare them with the ones attached to this letter.

I want to tell you that your grandfather (father side) dedicated his life to music and I to the plastic arts. Your maternal grandparents dedicated their life to science, that your mom love literature and your father was an economist. Both had a compromise of solidarity with society. You may have some of this inclinations because even though you were raised in another house, you still have the genes. You may have many questions with out answers within yourself.

I’m more than 80 years old and my only hope is to hug you and to recognize myself in your eyes. I would like you to come to me to complete this long journey and we would be able to meet.

Clara Anahi, while I await for you, I will keep looking for you.

Hugs from your grandmother “Chicha Mariani”

  1. Rubi says:

    Amber Alert!!/Alerta Amber
    February 19, 2009

    Two children were kidnapped from the Tacoma Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) office. Both children were taken from the office by their mother and their mother’s boyfriend. DSHS took the children away from the mother due to extensive child abuse. DSHS believes that they’re in great danger. Please help these children. Sometimes we think that there is nothing worse that taken the children away from their parents, but when the parents are abusing their children, we, the society need to take action because children cannot defend themselves. I know that for us Latinos this theme is complicated, because the office of DSHS and what they do to protect the children is new to us especially for the ones that just arrived to this country, but think about those children that have died as a result of the abuse of their parents or those children that have left their homes due to this abuse and have become the children of the streets. Let’s help this children.

    If you see a gray 2007 Nissan Sentra

    License Plate: Washington – [617XBP]


    Tacoma at 253-591-5959

    Case Number: WA0171400

    For more details visit: Amber Alert

    Versión en Español

    Dos niños fueron secuestrados de la oficina del Servicio del Departamento Social y de Salud (DSHS) de Tacoma. Ambos niños fueron secuestrados por su mamá y su novio. La oficina de DSHS le habia quitado los niños a la mamá por el abuso al que los sometía. DSHS afirma que los niños están en grave peligro. Por favor ayuden a encontrar a estos niños. Alguna veces pensamos que lo más terrible que hay es que le quiten los hijos a sus padres, pero cuando estos niños están siendo abusados, nosotros como sociedad debemos intervenir y ayudar a los niños pues ellos no pueden defernderse. Se que este teme es muy delicado entre nosotros los latinos, pues el sistema de protección de niños es muy nuevo para nosotros que acabamos de llegar a este país. Pero piensen en todos esos niños que a consecuencia del abuso de sus padres han muerto o se han ido de sus casas convirtiendose en niños de la calle. Ayudemos.

    Sí usted ve un Nissan Sentra del año 2007 color gris

    Con placas: Washington – [617XBP]

    Llame por favor al:

    Tacoma at 253-591-5959 (si le contestan en ingles diga “spanish please” y ellos le pondran con una persona que hable español)

    Case Number: WA0171400

    Alerta Amber

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